Brian's Cavalcade of Curios (kittenkissies) wrote in relative_truth,
Brian's Cavalcade of Curios

Weepy Woman....Waling Down the Street....

Is there more to this 9/11 commission than just finding out who is accountable? What will happen if they actually find a scapegoat? These people went through Hell, but they were compensated.
If they find a scapegoat, will they get to fly planes into this person?
Does anyone really expect Bush/Cheney/Rice to say "Mea Culpa"? This is a win-win situation for all three of them...
Where was the "Accountability Hearings" for Pearl Harbor or the sinking of the Lusitania?
This kangaroo court is just another smokescreen designed to take focus off of Bush's shitty job as "President".
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